Mission and Vision

You cook food. We cook data.

Mission & Vision

Mastering the art of data is a talent - just like cooking.

We are turning data for restaurants as delicious as their food.


Become the largest real-time delivery data management platform for restaurants.

We want restaurant owners to be able to manage their delivery platforms from their everyday tools (whatsapp, pos, mail…).


In an information-overloaded world, data can be seen as something abstract, distant, intangible, and complex. We want to decode the delivery category for restaurants - bring the data closer to the real world and give it a broader, closer and more tangible meaning.

Our History

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    How we started

    2020 Portugal

    pleez was founded in May 2020, after encountering a real problem: extremely long waiting times for services. Therefore, we can say that pleez was literally born at the table of its future clients: the restaurants.

    We started with dine-in ordering through tablets and mobiles.

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    We grew with our Restaurants

    2021 Portugal | Pre-Seed Round

    COVID19 came into the picture, and that’s when we started with the QR-Code Menus, later updated to Smart Menus - introducing the importance of data for the restaurant market.

    Data on the dishes that clients see the most, menu optimised to sell dishes restaurant’s want to sell, and automatic recommendations to clients.This not only improved the customer experience and the restaurant’s ticket size, but it also improved the restaurant’s operations.

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    We Lead the Market, Never Follow

    2022 Portugal and Spain | Seed Round and Pre-Series A round

    We shifted to Delivery. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants were "forced" to focus on delivery since they couldn't serve meals at their tables for an extended period.

    As most restaurants lacked experience with delivery platforms, it became evident to us that providing a product that allowed for serious, rigorous, deep, and credible analysis of delivery data would be essential to optimise operations and help businesses thrive. This is where our 1st Version of the Dashboard comes into play.

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    Where we are now

    2023 Portugal, Spain and UK

    We have over 400 restaurants as clients, provided more than 15 thousand recommendations, manage 10% of Uber’s orders, and we have already helped drive more than 1 million orders and 28 million in sales.

    Meanwhile, the dashboard is constantly being updated to meet the real needs of the restaurants. We are now a well known platform that aggregates and uses delivery data to improve restaurant management.

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